David Glover-Aoki

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A Tory Government

The final results aren't even in yet and already Theresa May is on TV telling everyone how she's going to give the security forces more power to snoop on us all "so they can keep us safe".

The Lib Dems prevented them from doing this in the previous parliament.

People irrationally hate the Lib Dems for bringing the Tories to power, so to punish them, they gave even more votes to the Tories. Good move guys!

Remember when everyone decided they didn't want the Alternative Vote system, a few years ago? This is the result. 64% of everyone who voted yesterday, voted against the conservatives. And here they are in power. Good system eh?

Enjoy the next five years while the UK puts the boot down on personal privacy.

For anyone considering emigration, I highly recommend it. Even the US isn't that bad.