David Glover-Aoki

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Terry Pratchett

"One day I'll be dead and THEN you'll all be sorry."
-- (Terry Pratchett, 28 Nov 1992, on alt.fan.pratchett)

I am indeed, very sorry. I know that being in my mid-30s I can't exactly describe myself as "old", but today I am feeling very old indeed. When you grow up, there are a certain cast of characters that exist in the world that you come to know and love.

My personal cast included, amongst a great many others, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and the cast of "Star Trek".

The first Pratchett book I ever read was "Guards! Guards!", and since that day the City Watch novels have always been amongst my favourites. Captain Carrot taught me that it was OK to be "uncool", as long as you were also good to others.

Much later, "Going Postal" inspired me to learn more about the communications technology of the past - an almost ludicrous concept considering this was supposed to be a fantasy book where the world was a giant flat disc sitting on the back of a giant turtle. But Discworld books are like that.

When you're young you just assume the world has always been the way it is now, and will always be that way. It's a sad day when you realise that that isn't true.

RIP Sir Terry. There's no justice. There's just us.