David Glover-Aoki

2015 pages

Japanese Name

"Aoki" in Japanese is 青木.

But Japanese is crazy, and they have more than one alphabet. The one used above, Kanji, represents entire words as symbols. 青 means "Blue" and 木 means "Tree".

They have another alphabet for words which don't have Kanji characters, called Katakana, which works more like our Roman alphabet by representing sounds, not words. This is especially useful for foreign words and names, like "David Glover", which is written デビッド·グローバー.

All Japanese words and names can be written in Katakana as well as Kanji, and since you can't have a name which uses both (well, you can, but it's weird and people don't), Aoki becomes アオキ in Katakana making my full name, in Japanese:


Don't learn Japanese. It is a silly language.